Why is Mail Order Marijuana so Popular

It might be slightly ironic that Mail Order Marijuana is commonly called “M.O.M”, or may be entirely appropriate! Despite the name, this service has nothing to do with mail-order catalogs you may remember getting in the mail during Christmas time. Instead, it’s like Amazon except you’re buying weed. The magic and power of the internet!

So why is M.O.M so popular? Well, let’s find out!

It’s Respectable

Even though cannabis is legal in Canada now, there are still those that feel “dirty” buying it. Even walking into a well-lit and cleaned dispensary might feel to some like walking into a back alley to buy their cannabis from a shady dealer. With M.O.M, there is no need to worry. Not only is every store certified with the Canadian government, but all products being sold are legal and safe.

M.O.M has become a household name since 2013, and with more Canadians experiencing the wonders of cannabis, more are seeing that it’s not all back-alleys and shady business; instead, it’s proper business much like going to the store and buying groceries.

It’s Affordable

Online stores don’t have to worry about overhead costs like renting a building or paying staff. As long as the cannabis can be stored safely, and shipped safely, the overhead costs remain low. And this means you can pick up on those savings! Cannabis ordered through M.O.M is much cheaper then dispensaries, but if you want to support your local dispensary, you can look them up to see if they’ll ship to you also.

It’s Shipping Is Reliable

Speaking of shipping, thanks in part to Xpresspost Service and the Canadian Mail Service shipping of cannabis goodies is not only also affordable, bit it’s discreet and safe. You can ensure your cannabis is dropped off when you’re home, and if there are any problems you can contact the store and they’ll be able to offer you a refund or some new product.

Of course, given how reliable our postal system is along with Xpresspost, there will very rarely be a time a anything is lost in the mail. You’ll have your cannabis when and where you need it!

It’s Safe

As previously mentioned, any store that is working as a M.O.M has to be licensed. The product can’t be shady, or the law will be coming down on them. Likewise their service can’t be shady least once again that law is brought down on them. And with the postal system, you need not worry about your cannabis being lost or being delivered to an empty house.

If safety is your number one concern, then have no fear when using M.O.M!

It Allows More Cannabis Options

Finally, using a M.O.M you have a much larger selection of cannabis to pick from, including strains that might not normally be in-stock in your store or even found in your area! You can also keep tabs on new strains, flavors, recipes, and just about anything else too! And all from the comfort of your home, which is a God-send if you’re immobilized due to chronic pain.

All and all, is there any wonder why M.O.M’s are popular choices to buy cannabis in Canada? It’s cheap, it’s efficient, and you can trust that what you get is the real deal.

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