Top 10 Cannabis Strains from the Great White North

There are three species of cannabis. These are scientifically known as Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Ruderalis. All other names of weeds that you come across are either industrial hemp or a hybrid. So, when you hear a name such as Quebec Gold, it is actually classified as hemp and is a blend of Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. Weed can also be a blend of two or more of the three scientifically recognized species of cannabis. It should be noted that the female cannabis are the source of your weed. The male plants do not have the potent THC.

Top 10 Canadian Weeds

It is nearly impossible to have any type of consensus pertaining to the best weed or the top five cannabis strains in Canada. People have distinct preferences. The ‘high’ one seeks is an absolutely subjective, and a personal experience. Some prefer a gentle high. Some like intense kicks. Cannabis strains have distinguishable features, from texture and aroma to potency and therapeutic effects. The best weeds are those that give you a sustained buzz without affecting your cognitive functions that much. This enables a user to relax, unwind and also be energetic, in some cases creative as well. Irrespective of what you prefer, you can try some of these top weeds from Canada.

  1. Let us begin with a popular cannabis strain: AK-47. Users in Toronto love this strain. It is a hybrid with Cannabis Sativa being the dominant species. The strain is widely used for its immediate effect on physical relaxation while it does not affect alertness or focus. AK-47 has an interesting profile. It has a pleasant fragrance. It tastes a little sweet and earthy.
  2. Lowryder is another popular Canadian strain. This too has a dominant Sativa component. Like AK-47, Lowryder has a certain degree of sweetness and earthiness. Unlike AK-47, it is citrusy and also quite pungent. Lowryder calms physical senses and has a rather uplifting effect. It is more stimulating than most weeds.
  3. M-39 needs no introduction for those who are familiar with widely used weeds in Canada. Unlike the first two on our list, the primary component in M-39 is Cannabis Indica. There is a tinge of lemony aroma and flavor in this strain. This is one of the most prevalent cannabis strains in the country.
  4. Another very popular cannabis strain in Canada is DJ Short Blueberry. This is a favorite among users in British Columbia. The dominant strain is sourced from Cannabis Indica. As the name implies, you get to indulge in the sweetness of blueberries while enjoying a sustained high.
  5. Romulan is a Canadian product. While versions of some of the aforementioned cannabis strains are grown in some regions beyond the country, Romulan was developed and is widely grown in Canada. The strain has a strong fragrance, a blend of pine and earth. There is a unique pepperiness in the flavor. The texture too is not typical. The dominant species of weed in this is Cannabis Indica. Romulan is widely used as medical marijuana, especially for pain relief, sleep disorders including insomnia and to alleviate certain effects of neurological ailments.
  6. Manitoba Poison is named after the province in Canada where it has been developed and is enthusiastically grown. It is a hybrid. The aroma is pleasantly pungent. If you love the fragrance of cheese, then you are in for a joyride. The taste is more herbal and a tad spicy. Manitoba Province has a temperate climate, which is precisely the condition required for the growth and development of this hybrid.
  7. Island Sweet Skunk is a spicy hybrid cannabis strain. The dominant strain is Cannabis Sativa. It is fruity, sweet, earthy, and spicy at the same time. This weed has remained popular for many years now. It is likely to continue its reign for years to come.
  8. Blackberry Platinum is a good hybrid. It is used for stress, insomnia, migraine headaches, mood swings, hyperactivity, and general recreation. The dominant strain is Cannabis Indica. As the name implies, you can experience the deliciousness of blackberries along with your high.
  9. Strawberry Banana hybrid is steadily attaining some popularity. Weed enthusiasts don’t want a full-blown fruity shake at the end of the day, but this strain is quite pleasant and rather unique. There are many who like the distinct characteristics of this hybrid.
  10. Death Star OG is a hybrid of three different strains of cannabis. It is potent. The earthy smell and the citrusy high are loved by many. There is some sweetness, but it is not consistent throughout a session. The dominant species of weed in Death Star OG is Cannabis Indica.

You may also choose to check out Lemon Haze and Gorilla Glue. If you are buying Canadian weed online, or offline for that matter, always choose a credible store that is known to deliver the finest quality. This is irrespective of the strain or brand you choose.

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