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Nothing short of perfection—that’s what Shop Canada Weed aims to offer loyal customers. Our array of products are high-quality to give you nothing but a pleasurable experience with every hit. 

Let go of the daily stresses with a good hit from our best-selling products. We offer a wide range of high-quality cannabis, weeds, edibles and concentrates. All you need to do is browse through the website to find which products are perfect for your consumption. 

Rest assured that these products are made from high-quality and locally sourced ingredients that can provide you with the best experience. What are you waiting for? Create your account and browse through the catalogue to find which products are ideal for your wants and needs.

Online dispensary

Shop Canada Weed has a range of high-quality products that can give you the best experience possible. Perfection is our middle name and you can get the very best weed, cannabis and edibles right here. 

Scroll down to see our collection and find which one is perfect for your needs. Add your preferred products to your cart and we’ll get them delivered to your doorstep.

Cannabis collection

Finally, cannabis is legal in Canada! Get your supply of high-grade cannabis from Shop Canada Weed and experience flying high in the skies without having to step out of your home. 

Cannabis isn’t only for pleasure and recreational use. One of the reasons why it was legalised in the country is because it can help aid with recovery from anxiety, depression and other life-altering ailments. This wonder herb offers relief that can help you through rough times. 

Below is a list of products that you can purchase from the store:

  • ACDC – CAD 220.00
  • Blackberry – – CAD 157.00
  • Bruce Banner – CAD 220.00
  • Bubba Kush – CAD 99.00
  • Chemdawg – CAD 145.00
  • Cherry Cream Pie – CAD 99.00
  • Do Si Dos – CAD 220.00
  • El Muerte – CAD 220.00
  • Falcon 9 – CAD 220.00
  • Fire Breath – CAD 275.00
  • Garlic Cookies – CAD 220.00
  • Gelato – CAD 220.00
  • Sage N’ Sour – CAD 94.00
  • Unicorn Sherbert – CAD 144.00
  • Gnarberry – CAD 72.00
  • Tropic Thunder – CAD 74.00
  • Mango Taffie – CAD 123.00
  • Indica Bud – CAD 78.50
  • Sativa Bud – CAD 78.50
  • Apple Pie – CAD 110.00
  • Sativa Flower – CAD 117.00
  • All Purpose Indica Flower – CAD 78.50
  • Sensi Star – CAD 81.00
  • Jack Haze – CAD 78.00
  • Rockstar Kush – CAD 69.00

Edibles collection

Looking for a good fix without the lingering fumes of smoking cannabis flowers? Shop Canada Weed has the solution for you! Edibles are like snacks that have an added benefit that you can enjoy after a stressful day at work. 

These items are infused with cannabis flowers that can give you an experience like no other. From brownies to beverages, you can experience the wonderful sensation of quality edibles when you purchase from our catalogue. 

Adding this to your party or small get together with friends can spice things up for the better. Just remember to be responsible and respectful of your peer’s preferences when you do decide to offer this to other people.

Here are some of the best-selling products from our edibles inventory that you can add to your cart:

  • Candies
    • Bambu THC capsule edibles – CAD 35.00
    • BuudaBomb blue raspberry gummies – CAD 11.00
    • BuudaBomb green apple gummies – CAD 11.00
    • BuudaBomb mango gummies – CAD 11.00
    • BuudaBomb peach gummies – CAD 11.00
    • BuudaBomb strawberry gummies – CAD 11.00
    • Diamond patch dudes – CAD 25.00
    • Blackberry lemon dream cannabis soft chews – CAD 11.00
    • Maple hard caramels – CAD 6.50 per piece
  • Baked goods
    • Salted caramel pretzel bites – CAD 9.00 per piece
    • Chocolate truffles – CAD 11.00 per pack
    • Spicy ginger cookie – CAD 5.00 per piece
    • Peanut butter cookie – CAD 5.00 per piece
    • Chocolate brownie – CAD 12.50 per piece
    • Double chocolate brownie – CAD 15.50 per piece
  • Beverages
    • Bakerstreet ginger ale – CAD 4.50
    • Sparkling tonic beverage with 1:1 dose – CAD 7.50
    • Cannabis soda – CAD 8.50 per can
    • Lime sparkling water – CAD 6.50 per can
    • Lemon sparkling water – CAD 6.50 per can
    • Grapefruit sparkling water – CAD 6.50 per can
    • Cucumber mint cannabis sparkling water – CAD 5.50 per can
    • Strawberry hibiscus and cannabis water beverage – CAD 7.50 per can
    • Honey green iced tea with cannabis – CAD 5.50 per can
    • Low dose lemon black tea – CAD 4.50 per can
    • Watermelon soda with high THC – CAD 9.00 per can
    • Mango and pineapple soda with high THC – CAD 8.50 per can
    • Citrus soda with high THC – CAD 8.50 per can
    • Low dose dry lemon – CAD 5.00 per can 
    • Low dose dry grapefruit – CAD 5.00 per can

Concentrate collection

The purest concentrates can give you an experience like no other. At Shop Canada Weed, you’d get the best products to satisfy your cravings. These concentrates are processed using an all-natural method to extract the oil from the cannabis flowers.

There’s no better way to experience a pleasurable sensation of skyrocketing to the clouds with the store’s concentrate collection. However, these products may suit consumers who are well versed in the different accessories to properly consume cannabis.

From vape pens to dabbing, these products can offer you pleasure beyond your imagination. Give these products a try by adding your preferred concentrates to your cart:

  • Distillate Syringe – CAD 40.00
  • Pink Chemo Shatter – CAD 504.00
  • Start Hash – CAD 220.00
  • Tesla Hash – CAD 400.00
  • Zombie Dream Shatter – CAD 504.00
  • Sativa Wax Crumble – CAD 220.00
  • Indica Wax Crumble – CAD 220.00
  • Sativa Shatter – CAD 160.00
  • Indica Shatter – CAD 160.00
  • Diesel Honeycomb – CAD 110.00
  • Cannabis Oil – CAD 40.00
  • Live Resin Shatter – CAD 45.50
  • Penelope Cannabis Oil – CAD 22.00
  • Exhale Cannabis Drops – CAD 39.50
  • Northern Window Shatter – CAD 55.00
  • Fruit Live Rosin – CAD 57.00
  • Pin Kush Shatter – CAD 65.00
  • THC Oil – CAD 34.00
  • Purple Papaya Sativa – CAD 60.50

Vape pen collection

Cannabis consumption has gone digital with the popularity of vape pen equipment. You can achieve a light high without the wafting smell of smoked cannabis inside your apartment by using Shop Canada Weed’s high-quality vape pen. 

This piece of equipment gives you a newer and better experience when it comes to smoking cannabis concentrates. Whether it’s a resin or an oil extract, you’ll get your money’s worth with every hit. 

Look through our selection of vape pens that will suit your cannabis consumption. There are several vape pens that you can add to your cart as you browse through this catalogue:

  • Vape pens
    • Oura Odyssey – CAD 369.95
    • Session Black – CAD 115.00
    • Session Odyssey – CAD 119.97
    • Crystal Black – CAD 150.50
    • C-Box Pro Black – CAD 52.50
    • Vista Seafoam – CAD 59.00
    • PCKT VRTCL – CAD 30.50
    • Wi-Pod 420 – CAD 41.55
    • Vessel Expedition – CAD 81.00
    • K-Vape Pro – CAD 99.50
  • Cartridges
    • Redee 510 Hybrid Cartridge – CAD 30.50
    • Cloud Cannabis  Cartridge – CAD 32.50
    • ACDC Cartridge – CAD 39.50
    • Indica Cartridge – CAD 38.50
    • Sativa Gelato Cartridge – CAD 39.50
    • Go Steady Wappa Cartridge – CAD 25.50
    • Craft Mixed Berry Cartridge – CAD 23.50
    • Craft Melon Cartridge – CAD 44.50
    • Go Elevate Mimosa Cartridge – CAD 38.50
    • Diesel Cartridge – CAD 27.55
    • Rockstar Kush Cartridge – CAD 26.00
    • Bubba Kush Cartridge – CAD 24.50
    • Tangie Cartridge – CAD 22.00
    • Durban Cartridge – CAD 22.00
    • Master Kush Pax Pod – CAD 28.00
    • Fire OG Cartridge – CAD 25.50

Why you should purchase products from Shop Canada Weed

Expect only the best products from the website catalogue as you browse through Shop Canada Weed. We’ll give you access to high-quality products that can elevate your experience even further. 

Rest assured that you’ll have a truly great experience using our products. Here are some of the reasons why you should try your hands with the latest cannabis and accessories from our shop:

Genuine products sourced from legal ways

Up until two years ago, recreational cannabis use wasn’t legalised by the government. This gave way to many black market shops to cater to a wide range of customers that are into this product. 

Now that cannabis is legal in Canada, you should purchase it in legal ways to avoid purchasing low-tier cannabis flowers and extracts that are prevalent in the black market. Rest assured that each item you purchase from Shop Canada Weed is genuine. This can give you the best experience that’s worth every dollar. 

Proven and tested with minimal side-effects

Just like alcohol and cigarettes, cannabis has lasting side effects when abused. At Shop Canada Weed, we believe that regulated use of our products can give you the satisfaction you crave without the bad effects. 

We condone the abuse of our products that’s why we try our best to educate each customer on the pros and cons of these recreational items. Please check the pros and cons page to be in the know of these things.