Is Buying Weed Legal in Canada? This Guide Will Help

is weed legal in canada

Either it’s your first-time buying weed or you’re confused about all the different Provincial and Federal Cannabis laws that have been recently enacted. It can be a real head scratcher whether the weed you’re buying is legal or not. When you decide to buy weed online, there are a number of things you need to be aware of. Weed laws in Canada are still evolving. Some of the items are legal, but others are not. It can be confusing and you may be asking yourself “is ordering weed online legal?” At Shop Canada Weed we’ve prepared a simple guide with some tips to ensure you are purchasing legal weed that won’t get you in trouble.

Top 5 Best Strains For Depression

We all know that cannabis creates a relaxed mood when smoked or eaten. Along with relieving pain, the other popular use of cannabis is to relieve stress. Did you know that cannabis can help with depression? Despite the usual stereotype that cannabis is only smoked by depressed people, and or hippies, recent scientific finds point […]

Why is Mail Order Marijuana so Popular

It might be slightly ironic that Mail Order Marijuana is commonly called “M.O.M”, or may be entirely appropriate! Despite the name, this service has nothing to do with mail-order catalogs you may remember getting in the mail during Christmas time. Instead, it’s like Amazon except you’re buying weed. The magic and power of the internet! […]

Best Provinces in Canada for Weed

Almost two years ago, cannabis was federally legalized in Canada. Medical marijuana was legal. Since October, 2018, recreational use of cannabis has been legal and the industry has witnessed remarkable growth. However, this growth is not uniform across the provinces. There are provincial laws to supplement the federal statutes. Hence, there are substantial differences in […]

Top 10 Cannabis Strains from the Great White North

There are three species of cannabis. These are scientifically known as Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Ruderalis. All other names of weeds that you come across are either industrial hemp or a hybrid. So, when you hear a name such as Quebec Gold, it is actually classified as hemp and is a blend of […]