We all know that cannabis creates a relaxed mood when smoked or eaten. Along with relieving pain, the other popular use of cannabis is to relieve stress. Did you know that cannabis can help with depression? Despite the usual stereotype that cannabis is only smoked by depressed people, and or hippies, recent scientific finds point to cannabis being a useful tool in fighting depression.

Sativa strains, which provide uplifting effects when consumed or smoked, is so far one of the best strains for depression. Here are our top five best sativa strains to help fight depression!

Number 5: Jack Herer

One of the more popular sativa hybrids on the market, meaning its not just pure sativa, the Jack Herer provides plenty of mood altering properties. Users have reported that they’re happy, creative, more social, and even more motivated throughout the day! On the medical side of things, outside of helping with depression Jack Herer works wonder on pain.

This strain is very useful for daytime use, given that boosts concentration and even helps reduce anxiety. So when you need to fight off your depression and get to work, choose Jack Herer!

Number 4: Super Lemon Haze

The next one on our list is an actual award winner; winning the High Times Cannabis Cup twice. While Super Lemon Haze has a sweet lemon-lime flavor, and helps with pain including stomach pain, this strain makes users feel lively and giggly. We can’t recommend this one for you if you have important work during the day and need focusing, but can recommend it for night-time use.

Had a long and stressful day? Feeling blue? Turn on your favorite movie or TV show and grab some Super Lemon Haze to have your anxiety and depression just melt away.

Number 3: Girl Scout Cookies

Also called GSC, this strain is another award winner that is made in a 60-40 ratio of sativa and indicia. The focus on this strain was to create a balance between feeling giggly and lively, but also staying motivated and focused. Users say this is one of the best strains to use any time of the day. Morning, noon, or night.

Need some extra motivation? Or just need to focus on something else besides depression? Some GSC is all you need to feel happy and motivated throughout the day!

Number 2: Do Si Dos

With a name like that, yes, we can confirm it tastes and smells like the cereal. Which is why it’s so popular and one of our favorites! Being a rich sativa strain, Do Si Dos produces a very relaxing high. Like Super Lemon Haze, not really useful for during the day when you need to be focused and productive, but the perfect afternoon or evening smoke or snack.

Having bad dreams due to depression? A little Crunch Berry before bed will allow you to have some of the best sleep in your life!

Number 1: Gelato

We’ll be frank. We don’t even know why someone would use the word¬†gelato in their strain name. Regardless, Gelato ranks number one on our list because of just how long it’ll last. The effects are similar to the Jack Herer, but last for a good three hours minimum. So that’s hours of keeping a positive mood and being focused, even if you get a little hungry.

The only downside is the strong musky taste and scent, but it’s worth it for the effects.

There are more strains on the market, but these are our top five picks. Cannabis is often overlooked when it comes to fighting depression, but many users have reported that by using it not only do they become happier and more productive, but they start making more positive life choices to ensure they remain happy and productive. And given how cannabis has zero negative side-effects, why not see what it can do for you?