Best Provinces in Canada for Weed

Almost two years ago, cannabis was federally legalized in Canada. Medical marijuana was legal. Since October, 2018, recreational use of cannabis has been legal and the industry has witnessed remarkable growth. However, this growth is not uniform across the provinces. There are provincial laws to supplement the federal statutes. Hence, there are substantial differences in how people across provinces approach the growing, development, sales and consumption of weed.

Overview of the Cannabis Market in Canada

Alberta and Ontario recorded a phenomenal growth in the first six months following the legalization of weed. Both accounted for almost 80% of all cannabis sales in the country. Quebec accounted for around 6% in 2018. All of that have changed in the last year and a half. Quebec, by many accounts, is the most cannabis friendly province right now in the Great White North.

In the last two years, several changes have transformed the marijuana industry, especially the cultivation and storage, both of which have affected how weed is sold and consumed. Alberta, for instance, does not limit storage at residences. However, a maximum of four plants can be grown in a household. British Columbia has the same cap on growing cannabis in a house, and in addition to that there is a limit of a thousand grams of storage. In Manitoba, you cannot grow marijuana in a house, but can store as much as you want, of course for personal consumption.

In Quebec, growing cannabis in households is not permitted. Storage is limited to a hundred and fifty grams. Ontario has no cap on storage but limits the number of plants you can grow in a house to four. The legal age to buy and consume weed also varies. In Alberta, you must be at least eighteen years old. All other provinces, with the exception of Quebec, have the minimum age for use set at nineteen years. In Quebec, one must be at least twenty one years old to buy and use cannabis.  

Best Provinces in Canada for Weed

One may wonder then how Quebec emerges as a favorable province for weed enthusiasts. The province has the highest minimum age for use. It has the most stringent cap on how much you can store. Only Nunavut has a similar limit of a hundred and fifty grams. All other provinces have no limits and British Columbia has a generous cap of a thousand grams, a lot when you consider personal or even social use. The fact of the matter is that cities do not have the same culture for weed lovers. Provinces are quite large and you cannot have a homogenous or a standard culture of use or approach to how cannabis is consumed.

Montreal in Quebec is Paradise for Cannabis Lovers

Montreal Old City

Montreal in Quebec is probably the best city in the country if you love weed. Quebec is heavily regulated and is certainly not weed friendly. But, Montreal is where you can smoke weed without anyone breathing down your neck. People in this city have smoked weed quite openly and widely, despite there being a federal ban on cannabis until 2018. Smoking cigarettes or weed was viewed as similar by most people in the city. There are also pristine places where you can enjoy a joint, something you still cannot do without any worry in several other provinces. Finally, you do not need to grow your own weed in Montreal. The stores are government regulated and operated, but there are many other places to get your hands on some quality weed.

Toronto, Ontario is a Cannabis Hotspot

Toronto Water View

Ontario has among the more lenient laws for cannabis. Nineteen is the minimum age, personal storage is unlimited and you can also grow up to four plants in your house. But, you cannot smoke in vehicles. You can light a joint at every place where public smoking is allowed. There are government stores selling cannabis. There are private stores as well. You can also conveniently buy online. Toronto also presents to you several places where you can unwind with a joint for company. You could head to Cherry Beach, Trinity Bellwoods Park, Toronto Islands and Don Valley. There are lounges where you can smoke weed. Government owned and operated stores are also offering expedited delivery, wonderful for those who would not want to drive or buy their stock online.

Calgary, Alberta is the Cannabis Capital

Calgary Skyline

The consumption of medical marijuana in Alberta has been substantially greater and more widespread than most other provinces. However, when weed was legalized, there was a clampdown of sorts to limit the mushrooming of growers and unregulated sales. Despite the imposed regulations in the last eighteen months, Alberta has continued to remain the largest market for cannabis among all provinces. Calgary is perhaps the most cannabis friendly city in this province. Yet, you cannot smoke just about everywhere. You would find innumerable stores sprinkled throughout the city, but you have to put in a bit more legwork to find a suitable place to light your joint.

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