About Us


We are bringing the future of cannabis buying into the present.
We provide premium grade edibles, concentrates and more, right to
your front door.

Our Aims

Our team at Shop Canada Weed aim to offer nothing short of perfection. Locally-sourced, high-quality cannabis might as well be our middle name!

The artisan marijuana products we provide wouldn’t be complete without the best customer service in the business. We work tirelessly around the clock to deliver answers to all your questions and concerns. With us, you’ll never be left in the dark.

All of us here are true cannabis lovers — if we weren’t, we wouldn’t do what we do! Since we’re one of very few mail-order marijuana services in the country, we aim to provide only the highest-grade cannabis products.

We strive to be the best of the best.

We Have Your Back

Depression? We’ve got you. Anxiety? We can help that. Chronic pain? We have your back.

Whatever condition, disorder or illness you are suffering from, we will provide the right cannabis treatment you need, whenever you need it. Trust us, we know what battling a condition is like so we won’t let you go through it alone. 

Our intuitive website design ensures you can browse seamlessly through our range of products to find the perfect strain for you. Once you’ve found your new best bud (get it), it’s easy to add it to your cart and hit “Checkout”. You might already know this but the entire process has only 4 steps — yep, you read that right! See? We value you and your time.

You never need to worry about nosy neighbours or peeping roommates with us. Our packaging is discreet and undetectable so your secret remains just that, a secret.

Regardless of what strain you prefer or what type of cannabis product you like, we have it all. Our large selection might even surprise you. You’ll have to come in and find out.

Our Weed Services For You

What’s hot in the cannabis world changes quickly. But don’t stress, we pride ourselves on our ability to stay up to date so you don’t have to. Sit back, relax and we’ll take care of everything. You are our priority.

As with our products, our services follow a strict quality control procedure too. Why? So we never let any of our team take their eye off the ball. Slacking just isn’t in our vocabulary.

All our items will be vacuum sealed to ensure maximum freshness when they arrive right at your front door in discreet, unassuming packaging.

Plus, if you ever have any concerns or questions, all it takes is a quick chat with a member of our dream team to clear things up.

We’ve Got you Covered!

Professional sales staff are ready to take your order and help you with your selection. Please use our convenient chat feature!

I’ve struggled with anxiety for the longest time. I thought I should give this a go. I wasn’t expecting much but it really helped.”

Andy Scott

I work long hours and needed a quick and discreet mail-order marijuana service. Boy did I find it! The guys at Shop Canada Weed have been beyond amazing. I don’t know what I’d do without them.”

Kirstin W. Eglinton