You are a unique being; it’s only natural then that you’re mental and physical needs are unique too, right? Exactly! That’s why we’re proud to carry multiple high-quality cannabis strains so you can discover your little slice of marijuana perfection without even leaving the house.

Don’t worry, we’re not just concerned with the digital side of things. We go beyond our own thoughts and feelings to truly connect to you and how you live your life. We aren’t simply some anonymous face in the big worldwide weed web, we’re your personal shoppers, friends and (some may say) life coaches.

Our job is to connect you with your newfound favourite strain so you can find true happiness within yourself and life. Who doesn’t want that, right?

Your wish is our command. Pick your weed, and you’ll receive. We make sure the process is seamless so you don’t have to stress about a thing. From the packaging to the courier service to your front door delivery, your order will remain entirely discreet from the moment you hit “Checkout”.

But that isn’t all we do.

Are you needing help with picking the right strain? Or are you worried about what dosage to take? Whatever your questions or concerns, we are here to assist. Consider us your personal weed butler.


Online shopping shouldn’t be limited to clothes, gadgets and groceries. And it’s not! We specialise in mail order marijuana (and yes, we do it better than all the rest).

Imagine that. Never leaving the house but still being able to get your hands on the best weed around! It’s all possible with us at Shop Canada Weed.

You see, we’re all about holistic, natural remedies here. We will never offer you anything less than premium grade cannabis products. It’s just not in our nature to do so. We value you far too much to settle for sub-par edibles, buds and concentrates.

All our products are meticulously crafted using the finest quality medical marijuana to bring you a wide range of strains, edibles, tinctures, CBD solutions, concentrates and much more. Oh, and our suppliers are the best of the best too. Just for you. 

Whenever you order from us, you’ll be given a tracking number so you can stay up to date with the whereabouts of your weed package. If you’re concerned about anything during the online cannabis buying procedure, all you need to do is get in touch — we don’t bite! The whole team is committed to making sure you pick the right strain for your needs, get your order on time, and have fun along the way.

Weed Services


Your complete satisfaction is our top priority. No matter the time, we are tirelessly working to bring you the best experience. Everything from browsing our site to checking out with your perfect strain tailored to suit your needs, wants and dreams,

Safety and Security

Creating online accounts is scary in this day and age. But don’t worry, we guarantee that every single piece of information you give us is protected in our private, secure database. 

Discreet Delivery

Worried about what your neighbors might think? Well, don’t be! Our packaging is undetectable and discreet so you can rest easy. What you do is nobody else’s business, and we respect that.

Standards and Quality Control

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Canadians with a medical need can gain access to quality controlled marijuana through becoming a member of Shop Canada Weed.

Experience and Credibility

We’ve got more than 15 years of experience and shedloads of reviews just waiting for you to read them. Do we need to say more? 


It’s quick. It’s easy. It’s Simple.

Just how online shopping should be! We have employed a 4-step process that have revolutionised how we help you get the most effective weed solution imaginable.


Yep, you guessed it, or registration form is quick and easy too Register here.


Have a gander at our products and pick your favourites. Or, get in touch if you’ve got any questions before you checkout.


Pay for your order using Interac Email Money Transfer. Payment instructions are shown at the checkout screen.


All that’s left for you to do is eagerly sit by your door and wait! We’ve made tracking really easy to make sure the anticipation doesn’t get to much. 


If this is your first experience with Mail Order Marijuana, here are some reasons to Buy Weed Online Canada from Shop Canada Weed:

Premium Grace BC BUD

Safe And Discreet Cannabis Mail Orders

Best Prices Online

Exceptional Customer Service Support

Sign up today if you would like to buy weed online Canada through Shop Canada Weed and explore the many benefits of medical marijuana.



The Indica strain is characterized by its short and stubby leaves. It features a short flowering time and prefers colder climates. 

Indica’s are well known for their relaxing properties. Users often prefer Indica cannabis products for nighttime use, easing muscle tension, relieving stress, depression and chronic pain and insomnia.


Hybrid strains are designed with balance in mind. They feature the best aspects of Sativa’s and Indica’s. 

Hybrids are high-quality cannabis strains with a wide range of effects and benefits. By selectively interbreeding strains, patients are able to purchase strains tailored to their specific needs.


The Sativa strain is taller than it’s Indica counterpart and boasts thinner leaves. Sativa’s grow tall and thrive in warm climates.

Sativa’s are mentally stimulating. Marijuana products containing Sativa produce a cerebral high that alleviates depression, anxiety, mood disorders, fatigue as well as elevating moods.

Let Shop Canada Weed take you higher than the clouds

In search of high-quality cannabis, edibles and concentrates for your enjoyment? Look no further from Shop Canada Weed because we can provide you with top-notch products that you can’t get elsewhere. 

It’s not often that you see dispensaries offering the complete package. Here at Shop Canada Weed, we go above and beyond to provide you with your wants and needs. All your orders are delivered straight to your doorsteps. 

You just have to complete the details for the delivery service. Don’t worry, your data will be safe in our database. Rest assured that no third party will ever get their hands on your personal information. 

Online dispensary only here at Shop Canada Weed

Everything is seen online nowadays, why shouldn’t weed be one of these products? At Shop Canada Weed, you can shop for your favourites as you browse through the website. 

Create an account to order the best weeds in Canada! Once you have your account, you can have access to our inventory filled with all assortment of organic weed, cannabis, edibles and concentrates. 

Here are some of our featured products:


Looking for the right blend that can help you relax after a stressful day? You’ll get the best weeds from this store as you browse through the website. Here are some of the products you can expect from the site:

  • Sherbet Smalls
  • Pink Star
  • Pink Lady


Holistic and natural, that’s the goal when it comes to quality cannabis products. Rest assured that we can provide that for you while browsing through our inventory of cannabis strains. You can expect to see the following products from our site:

  • Bubba Kush
  • Black Berry
  • Bruce Banner

Vape pens

Want to get stoked without the hassle of the lingering weed smell all over your apartment? Vape pens might be the right solution for you. Get both the pleasure and convenience of the effects of weed and cannabis with just a single pen. These pens have no fumes whatsoever to make your consumption more exciting:

  • Kandypens
  • Vessel Vista
  • Wi-Pod 420


Take your snacks to the next level with the right edibles laced with weed or cannabis. These pleasurable treats can take you as high as Mt Everest without leaving your home. Try these Shop Canada Weed favourites to have the most pleasurable experience possible:

  • BuudaBomb Mango Gummies
  • Diamond Patch Dudes
  • Bambu Edibles


Take your cannabis experience to the next level with concentrates. These upgraded products are distilled from high-quality cannabis to ensure a pleasurable experience with every hit. Nothing can take you higher than these concentrates below:

  • Star Hash
  • Tesla Hash
  • Pink Chemo Shatter

Interested in purchasing these products? Don’t hesitate to contact our team through the official channels to help you out with your purchase. You can also view the ‘how to order’ page so you’ll know what to do once you’re ready.